Haha, i know no one comes here anymore... BUT...

COME DOWN FOR play play this tuesday at 9pm! the last one already!
its your last chance to convert those accumulated stress and frustrations into a TOSS TO HAND
:D:D See you!

Jiayou for exams!

p.s. let's have another sentosa outing after exams! then we can have our backtucks and layouts for next year! (:

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Play Play

Hi guys!

Play Play session every tuesday from 9pm onwards ok? Please let me know if you can make it (:
Come down and destress!! HAHA.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


this day has finally come!!
let's just put up and good show and show everyone what unisus is about!! (:


UNISUS stand up and yell
U N I S U S, unisus, unisus
cheer out loud for unisus yell gold blue and white
gold blue and white, gold blue and white
U N I S U S, unisus yell go, GO!
U N I S U S, unisus yell fight, FIGHT!
U N I S U S, unisus yell win, WIN!

p.s. can everyone indicate which day they prefer to have picnic next week, tue or thurs evening?
was thinking that we can make it at adm, and can prepare the food before hand!! tag on the board and ask people to come tag too (:
p.p.s and thanks eddie for the very nice shirts (:

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

unisus t-shirt

hello unisus!
this is the finalized design for our tshirt!
i have contacted the vendor and he says that the tshirt can be printed by tuesday, unfortunately we need to use it on monday during the rehearsal. i m not sure if he is able to rush it through.

to all seniors and those who are not in the team that didn't manage to order in time, my greatest appologies to you all. because i am in a hectic situation. next time i will prepare it earlier and make sure all of you get it.

and yes! HO is just around the corner. please keep yourself safe and stay healthy! good luck! :D

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

a few more days left!

hey unisus,

As usual I dunoe who will read this! but anyway just want to say that we only have a few days till HO and let's Jiayou together! (:

Everyone's very tired and anxious about the upcoming competition but maybe let's try to just put up good performance and show everyone what we've got instead!

After HO, we probably won't meet up so frequently for trainings already, so let's enjoy the rest of the week together during trainings and enjoy doing stunts as well! (:


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


hey guys!

HO is coming so let's JIAYOU and aim to be the best! GO UNISUS! (:
Some of the girls are going to the gym later, anyone interested meet at 6pm at 16 TV room on 29dec? Girls and guys are welcome to join! Girls who are interested to flaten their belly before wearing the naval-revealing uniform are HIGHLY encouraged to join! midtiers could also use with additional arm power too ((:


p.s. good luck to everyone at 30 dec 12am!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sing K anyone interested???

YOZ!!! EVERYBODY!!!! wanna sing K??? i know of a place where they it is jus $10 nett I REPEAT!!!! $10 NETT......then got free flow of drinks....weekdays 2pm to 7pm.....at chinatown.....let me know if you all are interested or not......cos need to book the place :)

SIU :)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009